January 29, 2011

Fractale Episode 2: On Dopples

I've got some spoilerish comments on episode 2 & 3 over at Steven Den Beste's Chizumatic. He always has great insights, and great commenters. He's so good, I enjoy reading his stuff about series I'm not following.

Some screen shots from the Anime Fractale, episode 2. Clain looks up info on dopples via a Wiki-like encyclopedia. The text is in English, but backwards. I've taken some screenshots, flipped and cropped them.

Here are sections 1 & 2; I'll try again to get better grabs of the other sections, but I think only small pieces of those are displayed. Anyway, here's what I have.

Section 1:


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January 23, 2011

Fractale Episodes 1 & 2

Via Steven Den Beste's Chizumatic, I've become engaged by the currently running anime series Fractale. It's only two episodes in, we'll see how long my interest lasts.

My usual approach to these things is a disjointed list of random observations as I go through an episode. I'll be updating the post for a given episode with new observations as new ideas occur to me, particularly in light of later episodes, rather than starting a new post for this or that little tidbit.

I'm also going to be stumbling around trying to learn how to use the mee.nu blogging system, so bear with me.

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